Guest Bloggin’


I’m so excited to share with you my first guest blog post!  It’s for a highly popular home design/style/renovation blog, Hammers and High Heels.
Did a little, “Say what?” just go through your mind?  Well, truth be told, Hammers and High Heels is written by my beautiful, creative, inspiring, innovative sister-in-law, Carla.  🙂 Regardless, I’m a guest blogger today and that’s cool. Check out my post here!

So who says Yoga isn’t as much a part of home improvement as anything else! In fact, it may be one of the most tangible forms of Yoga at work. Vision, determination, adapting to the unexpected, and reaping the rewards of staying in the fire when you want nothing more than to give up, bail out, or throw in the towel.  Yoga is definitely a thread woven into home improvement.  Just look at some of the before and after pics or DIY projects on Carla’s blog and you’ll be able to relate.

Anywho, today marks a milestone in my blogging life. I hope you will enjoy my guest blog, as much as I hope you will enjoy Hammers and High Heels!

Yogi out.


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