Yoga With Strangers


I’m hesitant to share this post, because in doing so I will reveal the location of my new favorite place to get away… Oh well, you deserve a get-a-way spot too.  Enjoy!

Last week, I traveled to Lowell, MI (about 30mins from my house) to have breakfast at my favorite little, “coffee shop-restaurant-bakery hybrid” in all the land,  Ella’s Coffee and Cuisine. From home made baked goods, to ‘not your ordinary sandwiches’, to mochas that rival Italian made (so says my husband. he used to live in Italy), this place is just about everything I need in one location.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting, there’s a circulating art collection from local artists on the walls, Owls can be found in nearly every nook and cranny, and you can simply feel the love that has gone into creating this establishment, as well as the culinary delights that come from it.

Truth be told, it was during my last visit to Ella’s that I came up with the idea of Yoga With Strangers.  As I sat sipping on coffee and nibbling my Oliver’s Twist, I had an Ah-Ha moment.  Here I was, able to enjoy some time to myself while indulging in made from scratch tasties because someone (insert Ella and her husband, Randall) decided to share what they love with their community. Lucky Me!  My brainstorm for Yoga With Strangers was born.

If you passed me on the street you may have no idea that I love yoga… we’d miss an opportunity for human connection…we’d waste another opportunity for getting out of our bubbles, out of our comfort zones and experience something new in our day.  Becasue of a moment of inspiration at Ella’s I made a commitment to ease myself and some unsuspecting strangers out of our comfort zones for a few minutes to share yoga and anything else that may come up.  Bringing what I love to more and more people and hoping that they might be inspired to do the same.

Thank you to Ella and Randall for sharing your passion with Lowell, for providing a place of reflection and inspiration, and for being such good sports for this edition of Yoga With Strangers.

From Left: Abby, Ella, and Randall. In three variations of Eagle!

The crowd that came through the door as we were snapping our Eagle pic


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