Yoga With Strangers


Today, I’m starting a new feature – Yoga With Strangers! The idea is to share my love for yoga with people I don’t know by teaching a stranger a yoga pose!  After we’ve experienced the pose (and snapped a pic) I ask  the stranger (who is now a new yoga friend) to share something with me.  They can share a story, tell me about someone or something they love, something they are passionate about,  or something they need to get off their chest. So, here goes……

Meet Brian! Brian is the mail carrier in my neighborhood. Due to slippery conditions and the spikes on the bottom of Brian’s shoes, I opted for a modified version of tree pose (vriksasana). He nailed it!

Brian has never done yoga before, but he shared with me that he  LOVES racquetball! He plays at least twice a week and has been playing since the 1970s.  He says, “I used to watch the old guys at the YMCA playing racquetball and think to myself,  ‘I hope I can still do that when I’m older’….and here I am!  Still playing!”

I told Brian he needs to visit The Funky Buddha and mentioned his first class would be on the house.  He seemed excited about the opportunity.  I hope to see you there soon mail carrier and new yoga buddy, Brian!!!

A big thank you to Brian for not turning and running the other way as I bounded across the street shouting, “Hey, Mail Carrier Man, do you have a minute…” Thanks for being our first featured ‘Stranger!!’

Yoga on!


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  1. Hahaha! Love this Amber! Can’t wait to hear more!! Let me know when we can go around together somedaY and flag down a fee sleepers 🙂

  2. I LOVE THIS! It makes me wish i didn’t know you so i could meet you this way….. almost 😉 It makes me want to force my english students to do a yoga pose at the beginning in every class instead of freewriting. maybe i’ll give them the option 😉

  3. I am honored to be the first ” stranger”. I have a feeling I will finally give yoga a try very soon. Thanks for a cool experience. Who knows? It may change my life.

  4. AWESOME idea!!! Love the Funky Buddah AND this blog!! Keep up the great posts. They are very much enjoyed by many! =)

    p.s. THAT’S MY DAD!!!!!! LoL!! He’s the sweetest! =)

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