Unexpected Lovely Things


Here are some Unexpected Lovely Things I had the joy of experiencing this week.

1. Gorilla asana with my heels lifted!  (I approached it with a tinge of fear, I will admit)

2. Heather.  She’s a new yoga student who paid for a stranger so that she too could take class!!! Well played Heather. You’ve created a ripple of good that will stretch far and wide. I trust some goodness is already on it’s way back to you.

3. My 2yr old son continues to say ‘Merry Christmas” and it’s always followed by a hug and a kiss! Damn right, Henri! Merry Christmas! Keep the spirit alive.

4. Cartwheels in an empty studio, which turn into a dance party, which turns into lots of giggles!

5. Lindsay.  Who brought me a homemade smoothie before I taught class. How did she know I needed a boost!!!!????

6. Holding handstand without the wall for at least three seconds! (Thanks for creating the challenge Nikki!)

Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open.  There’s loveliness everywhere to be experienced!


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  1. I’m gonna try that gorilla with heels lifted and that’s a rockin’ handstand! Oh and try cartwheels on the other side.. the side that you don’t lead with.. it’s hilarious! 😀

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