I Don’t Know….but sometimes I think I do


I ran into a student of mine at a social function the other night.  She made a comment about how she finds the Basics classes I teach so much harder than the Power Vinyasa classes I teach.  I asked her why.  She said, “becasue while you’re speaking to how to build the pose I’ve already been in it for five minutes and I’m ready to get out.”

I can totally relate to her comment.  I’ve been practicing yoga for a while. It’s easy to approach my practice from a place of “I know this.”  BUT it’s my work (mental, physical, spiritual) to not get stuck in, “I know this.”  Instead, my moving meditation is to come back to curiosity and exploration as often as I can.  To  feel each puzzle piece of my body acting

Build. Tear down. Repeat. Have Fun.

and reacting to create tiny miracles from the foundation upward.  I love the feeling in my body when I experience the pose from the ground up over and over and over again. I get to build, express, tear down, and build again.  When I’m really in the zone it’s like my body is actually blossoming, going dormant, and blooming into something new. This birth and re-birth, this life and death, this ebb and flow, cannot be experienced when operating from “I know this.”  “I know this” is stretched tight and ridgid, like a tense fist at the core of my being.  And while the pose I’m in might look good on the outside, it’s stone cold and unenjoyable on the inside.

Tell me I’m not alone. Have you been here before?

Moving off the mat now, imagine experiencing your life, your days, your family, your friends, you name it – from a place of curiosity and exploration???  Instead of being so certain of what you “know”, see your environment and the people in it as small puzzle pieces of the giant miracle! Holy mindblowing, batman!!! Give it a try.  The next time you encounter someone you know, experience them from a place of curiosity.  See how it frees you up to enjoy their being over and over and over again.


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  1. I love this! We approach the everyday circumstances with thus “I know” attitude all the time…. numbing the very essence in order to experience each day as if it were a new life! I do this with people all the time. If someones let me down, I assume they will do it again. How can I get over the past if I hang on to the old so tight.
    Thx Amber, for reminding me this morning to tear down yesterday, and rebuild today!

  2. This came at a perfect time for me, as I have had to face NOT knowing my practice at all this week with my new condition. Flowing was so different yesterday because I had to converse with my body non-stop- is this ok? Is this not working? It was a beautiful beginning after a year of “knowing”…

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