What is Power in Yoga?


Recently, I read this quote: “To reach our Father in Heaven we must remain little.”

I’m not a particularly religious person, and this quote is obviously gearded toward Christian/Catholic believers. However, this quote really resonated with me. The word ‘little’ especially.  As a Power Vinyasa teacher I speak to showing up BIG, I talk in BIG ways, I want my students to realize their BIGness (potential), but I wonder if a message of BIG can sometimes be perceived as MORE.  And if MORE can be perceived as ‘I need/want/must’ and if, ‘I need/want/must’ then becomes a battle of ego.  And once we’re in Ego, BIG has lost it’s effectiveness because it’s about ‘me’ again and not a commitment to the whole.

So here’s where I’m going.  It’s one thing to live BIG, to recognize your power and share it with the world.  It’s another thing to clutter ourselves with the wants and desires of BIG.  To this point, I think true BIGness comes when we realize our littleness.  Littleness in being humble to a Higher Power/God/The Universe/Gaia/You name it. To me, true BIGness comes from the realization that God (insert your own version here) is the ultimate.  That God is a force all around me, within me and within you (can I get a ‘Namaste’?).  Remaining little enough to trust in this is a lot of work, but it’s also a huge relief.

This certainly isn’t something I would dare to claim I’ve got figured out.  It’s just something I’m open to.  I would love to hear your take if you care to share.  When we share, worlds open up!

To reach our highest, we must remain humble.


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  1. Amber! I once brought this kind of thought up to a drug rehab center I was teaching at. It was interesting to see how people respond to the question/thought of our “relationship” to, with, of, next to, within, around God. I Love that you bring it up. We all wonder, and, no one really knows. But many get defensive, scared, or maybe even sometimes feel guilt to talk about ones spirituality or religion. I to am fascinated in the journey, (and sometimes search)……Answers create contraction, Questions create expansion! xo

  2. Namaste! I was thinking about that word while i was driving today and i think that’s the key. i’m going to give myself license to use some generalities and say that a lot of people are willing to be humble in the presence of a higher power, be it mother nature or some man in the sky. Being humble to a higher power can be easy. It takes so much weight off your shoulders! Not judging against this, i have tattoos on my body to remind me to do it, but people (i’m one of them) forget that idea of namaste. The light in you is the same as the light in me. God is in you, and in me. If this whole namaste thing is true, then it’s just as important to be humble in the presence of the divinity that is in our sisters and brothers. I guess what i’m trying to say is one of the dangers of living BIG is trying to live BIG to be BIGger than those around you and using others as relative measures of your own bigness. Actually, being humble in the presence of this divinity is a huge relief too. How much more energy would i have if i didn’t constantly compare myself to those around me?

    thanks for the reminder Amber! and Namaste (for real)

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