Monthly Archives: November 2011

There Is Always More


Last night after teaching, after dinner, after cleaning up,  my husband, son and I went downtown to visit an art gallery. This gallery is located at Kendall College of Art and Design.  I typically wouldn’t have chosen such an outing on a Monday night (duh, Monday night football is on!), but we were headed to Gallery 114 to see the MFA thesis exhibition of Sarah Knill.  Sarah has been a regular student in my classes for almost a year.  She was also a participant in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program I led earlier this year.  Sarah is quiet.  I would even dare say, meek (in the best possible way).  She walks softly.  She has a grace to her asana practice like that of a ballerina. She is always kind. And when we share polite conversation at the studio I can see in her eyes  that she wants to express more. That’s where her art comes in.

Sarah’s exhibition blew me away!  Here I saw her ‘voice’ proudly displayed on gallery walls and pedestals.  I was moved to tears upon seeing her work and brought to a profound realization – We are so much more than meets the eye.  We are all creators.  We might not always express this through artistic medium, but we have much to communicate. Much to share. We are deeper than surface.  And like the title of Sarah’s exhibition suggests, there is always more  if you are willing to look.

Everyone you know, everyone you meet is an artist. A creator. Everyone can offer more than meets the eye.  Who will you see differently today?

Under a microscope. Scientific specimens. Adding up to Celestial beings.

Thank you, Sarah for sharing your soul through your work.  And thank you for bringing a bigger perspective to light for all of us.