The Family That Yoga Built


A quick update before I head off to bed.
Tomorrow morning I leave for Haiti!  A trip that would not be possible without the love, support and prayers of many, many people.  I go as one woman with a dream and a mission, but I carry the effort of an entire community. A family.  A community that supported me financially, spiritually, with gifts, cards, trinkets and SHOES.  That’s right, shoes.  A quick mention before teaching class that many of the orphans I’ll be caring for are shoeless and in unsanitary conditions and, VOILA, the Funky Buddha community rallied together.  The next thing I knew I was inundated with shoes and socks!  I’m taking three bags on the jetplane tomorrow, but only one (and it’s small) is for my belongings.  The others are stacked full-5 rows high-with shoes.  And not only did this community provide shoes and socks, but two individuals actually contributed $$$ toward the extra bag fees I will be responsible for. Wowza!!! Put a dream out there and the universe provides. One sweaty, hothouse student at a time.

And so I go.  Lets see how big this ripple will become…


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