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Yoga. Haiti. Love.


In January of 2010
My son was just four months old and I was steadily getting my footing as a mother. On January 12th, when news broke of the earthquake that hit Haiti I was devastated. As a new mom, my heart ached for all the children who were injured, traumatized, displaced and worse. As I nursed my son each night in front of the news broadcasts I made a silent vow to somehow help to rebuild, empower and give love to the people of Haiti.

A year and a half later, I now have the tools and awareness of how I can be a part of Haiti’s rebirth – Yoga!

The time has come!
This October, I will be traveling to Haiti with a local non-profit organization, Rays of Hope for Haiti. I will be traveling with a group of young women as part of the Hug A Child program. The sole (soul) purpose of this program is to bring care and love to orphaned children. Not only will my love come in the form of feedings, playing, hugging, and snuggling but I will also be bringing love in the form of Downward Dogs, Eagles and Tree poses. I will be sharing the gift of yoga with the children in and the mamas who operate 6 orphanages in Haiti. The 6 orphanages combined took in more than 100 children impacted by Haiti’s earthquake.  These orphanages continue to receive children on a weekly basis.

Can you help me get there?
Starting today, I begin my fundraising campaign for this trip. The total amount I need to raise is $1,300. For this amount I will receive in-country transportation, 1 meal/day, lodging and airfare. Donations toward this trip are tax deductible with checks made payable to Rays of Hope for Haiti (include my name on the note line). Checks made to me personally will not only go toward the program fee, but also toward meals and incidentals.

Please know that any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. If you can contribute please send your checks to:

Rays of Hope For Haiti
Attn: Amber K
715 Innes ST NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

If a monetary donation is not something you can give right now, I would appreciate your support and positive intentions toward making this trip a reality.

Now, let’s bring the yoga love to Haiti!!!

Anything is possible.  Anything can be,