As I walked into the studio the other day I was greeted with what you see below.

Tossed in the corner, covered in dirt and other various types of debris, I found Love.

Finding this heart of love was especially poetic for me.  I had been having one of those weeks (yeah, for me it’s typically not just a day).  A week where it was easier for me to find fault in my life and judgment of myself rather than acceptance and love. This little heart, neglected and alone, was living out my internal struggle.  As soon as I waked up to this heart the power of its condition sparked a new synapse in my brain. I quickly realized that no matter how negelcted, dirty or overlooked my love for myself got, LOVE was always there. Sure it was covered with a bunch of nonsense and litter, but it was still there. Silently calling out from the corner it had been tossed into.  Asking to be dusted off, picked up and let back in.

If your love for YOU has been tossed aside, if you’re feeling alone, defeated or unworthy can you see those qualities simply as the dirt and grim that needs to be washed away from your heart.  Your true essence is love.  Your way is love. It is always there. It may just be tangled in some spiderwebs.





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  1. Amber, it is that way sometimes with self love. Nicely stated! Time is a rare commodity right now; to take inventory of the emotional and physical hugs that are so needed.

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