The First Level


I’m back from Level 1 training in Tulum, Mexico with Baron Baptiste.  Whoa.  To say that my mind has been blown would be a sorry-a$$ understatement.  Skipping over the details, here is what I would like to share with all of you…

During one of our group sessions, we were asked to write a letter to someone in our life (someone not so yogicly inclined), describing this training.   Here’s my letter:

Dear ________,
If mental clarity, enlightenment or feelings of warm juicy love are what you seek this training is not for you.  If you’re someone who wants to learn how to be a ‘yoga teacher’ this training is not for you.  If you’re hoping that a week away from the busy-ness of your life will somehow bring you stillness this training is not for you.  This training is about owning ‘it’. Owning your existence. Owning your life – warts and all.  About smelling the roses and the sh%#.  About appreciating the sunrise and wearing the sunburn.  About never saying sorry for who you are, but apologizing often.  It’s about speaking your mind, but listening to your heart. It’s about resistance (oh. my. GOD. Is it about resistance!), but noticing when you’re doing so.  It’s about finding freedom through the lies that bind, and perhaps most profoundly, recognizing that ‘Fu%#’ and ‘God’ often work hand in hand.

So if you’re ready to take charge of your life, disrupt business as usual, and play big – this training is for you!  Your playing small never served the world anyway.

You have the power.


Maya Tulum.


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  1. Amber, can’t wait to see what new raw youness this has brought out… and can’t wait till I’m brave enough to do the same. See your funky self soon!

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