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As I walked into the studio the other day I was greeted with what you see below.

Tossed in the corner, covered in dirt and other various types of debris, I found Love.

Finding this heart of love was especially poetic for me.  I had been having one of those weeks (yeah, for me it’s typically not just a day).  A week where it was easier for me to find fault in my life and judgment of myself rather than acceptance and love. This little heart, neglected and alone, was living out my internal struggle.  As soon as I waked up to this heart the power of its condition sparked a new synapse in my brain. I quickly realized that no matter how negelcted, dirty or overlooked my love for myself got, LOVE was always there. Sure it was covered with a bunch of nonsense and litter, but it was still there. Silently calling out from the corner it had been tossed into.  Asking to be dusted off, picked up and let back in.

If your love for YOU has been tossed aside, if you’re feeling alone, defeated or unworthy can you see those qualities simply as the dirt and grim that needs to be washed away from your heart.  Your true essence is love.  Your way is love. It is always there. It may just be tangled in some spiderwebs.





The First Level


I’m back from Level 1 training in Tulum, Mexico with Baron Baptiste.  Whoa.  To say that my mind has been blown would be a sorry-a$$ understatement.  Skipping over the details, here is what I would like to share with all of you…

During one of our group sessions, we were asked to write a letter to someone in our life (someone not so yogicly inclined), describing this training.   Here’s my letter:

Dear ________,
If mental clarity, enlightenment or feelings of warm juicy love are what you seek this training is not for you.  If you’re someone who wants to learn how to be a ‘yoga teacher’ this training is not for you.  If you’re hoping that a week away from the busy-ness of your life will somehow bring you stillness this training is not for you.  This training is about owning ‘it’. Owning your existence. Owning your life – warts and all.  About smelling the roses and the sh%#.  About appreciating the sunrise and wearing the sunburn.  About never saying sorry for who you are, but apologizing often.  It’s about speaking your mind, but listening to your heart. It’s about resistance (oh. my. GOD. Is it about resistance!), but noticing when you’re doing so.  It’s about finding freedom through the lies that bind, and perhaps most profoundly, recognizing that ‘Fu%#’ and ‘God’ often work hand in hand.

So if you’re ready to take charge of your life, disrupt business as usual, and play big – this training is for you!  Your playing small never served the world anyway.

You have the power.


Maya Tulum.



I’m 16 hours away from departure for Level 1 with Baron in Mexico!  Suitcase is packed.  Passport is at the ready. Instead of jitters and last-minute scrambling, I am fully filled with love and support.

This morning began with my parents and my little monster helping me to plant my first garden!  I do not have a green thumb. My house plants typically die.  But I had an opportunity to rent a plot in our local community garden and I thought – Why the heck not!  My mom has been gardening since I was a little girl.  So naturally I called and asked, “moooom, can you help me {insert whiny voice here}”.  No questions asked.  Mom and Dad were there.

Thank goodness Little Monster and Grandpa have green thumbs.


I’m also reeling with excitement about the Peace by Peace Yogathon I’m participating in this month through Karma Krew. This yogathon is nationwide for the month of June.  The goal is to raise money to bring yoga to under-served populations (victims of domestic violence, HIV clinics, drug treatment centers, etc…). Two days into the Yogathon and I’ve already exceeded my goal!  The support from my friends and family toward this cause is simply astounding!

Finally, I am feeling completely supported by my yoga kula at The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse .  Words of congrats, excitement and encouragement keep coming from our teachers, studio manager and students.  My mentor/”sister”/studio owner has been empowering me to spread my wings since the day I met her.  And  in 16 hours I will be on my way.  These are the early steps and I cannot wait to see where they lead!!!!!

Support + Empowerment= COMMonUNITY.    Sounds a lot like Yoga  😉

See you after Level 1!