Fright or Flight


I bought a book for my son this weekend titled Buzzy the Bumblebee. My son likes bees and he likes to make buzzing sounds. No brainer on this purchase. 🙂

Buzzy is a happy-go-lucky little bumblebee who is curious about the world. He likes to read, learn and explore. One day, he’s reading a new book and he reads, “Bumblebees weren’t made to fly.” According to studies and research, their wingspan is wrong and their bodies are too big. Of course, Buzzy has been flying all his life. Upon reading this he is saddened, defeated and begins to question what he should be able to do. The seed of doubt had been planted and each time he tries to fly – he can’t.

The book goes on to detail Buzzy’s adventures and encounters as he walks home. All the while, he is very frustrated that he can no longer fly. When he finally reaches his home he asks his parents why they never told him he wasn’t made to fly. Their response goes like this, “Why Buzzy, you certainly can fly! Until now, that is, and do you know why? You’re doubting yourself, fear is blocking your way. Listen to your heart Buzzy, not to what others say.”

That last line pretty well sums it up. Fear is a sure blockage for our growth, our abilities and our way. Are there areas in your life where fear and doubt are keeping you from doing what you know to be your truth? Can you ignore labels and limits and instead trust your intuition? Simply believing that you can gets you one step closer to flight.

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