Let’s Get Together And Feel Alright


Lately, a familiar face has been showing up at the studio where I teach.  This face is unlike the other hundreds of faces that come through our doors.  You see, this face belongs to a person from my past life.  Not in a Reincarnation kind of sense, but from a time in my life that was sticky and uncomfortable.  When I see this face a feeling of nervousness comes to the pit of my belly.  I am reminded of all the reasons why I don’t like this person.  And while I politely say ‘hello’ and ‘nice to see you,’ I’m really thinking “____________”{insert any number of not so nice thoughts here}.

I’ve typically seen him coming and going from other classes, but last night he was in my class.  He has an amazing practice.  A flow like water vinyasa, ujaii breath that carries the room, and he floats into challenging poses like a feather.  He has obviously been very disciplined about his practice.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.

After class, as I was mopping sweat puddles from the studio space he walks in and asks if he can talk to me.  I could see the nervousness in his eyes.  With gratitude I said, ‘of course.’  We chatted about the time in our lives when we knew each other.  About how we were both at a point of turbulence, which made it hard to see what was really going on with the other person.  He expressed how important my husband is to him – he and my hubby used to be very close friends -and how he would like to reconnect with my hubs.  As we both shared our apologies he ended with, ‘it sounds like we’re all better people now.’  How true.

Let's get together and feel alright

I left the studio, got into my car and immediately called my husband.  He was on his way home from a meeting that ran waaaay too late and he began telling me about how annoying the meeting was.  I stopped him mid-sentence and said, ‘Well then, I have some good news I would like to share with you.”  His mood changed from irritated to delighted in a matter of seconds.

This is what Yoga does for people!  Through the use of our body and our breath we learn to trust ourselves. Forgive ourselves.  As our practice grows we start to trust and forgive others. And through the practice we can then muster the courage to tell one another how sorry we are,  how much they mean to us, or how much we love them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with this familiar face. Obviously, it was an encounter that needed to happen and Yoga made it so.

If Yoga had a tag-line I think this is what it would be:
Yoga.  Changing lives. Connecting people. For more than 5000 years.


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  1. i love it when things like this “happen” and i love to hear these types of stories/experiences from others. thanks for sharing your heart with us, amber. your heart is LOVEly.

    grace and peace…jami

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