Kicking Inspiration To The Curb


It’s been awhile since my last post.  Sure, I’ve been busy, but to be honest I just haven’t felt like I have much to offer the blogosphere.  I’ve been waiting for inspiration. Waiting for something big to occur in my life that brought me an ‘A-ha’ moment which I could share with all of you.  Then, yesterday, it hit me “Inspiration is for amateurs.”

There is no need to wait for inspiration. Inspiration is NOW. Right now. In the little things that occur moment to moment.  We can spend our lives waiting, looking or searching for things that inspire us OR we can simply pay attention to the abundant inspiration all around.

Here are a few slices of the Now Inspiration Pie that I have tasted lately:
1. Looking up.  Look up and see the blue sky, clouds, stars or even rain falling on your face.  Look up and witness a masterpiece.
2. Children.  Thank you to the young children who have accompanied their parents to my classes in the past few weeks.  Thank you for showing the class that power yoga can be done without moans, groans and eye rolling.  Thank you for showing us all what Yoga and life are all about.
3.Fear. When I am fearful I have one of two choices – Do or Do Not.  It’s not often my choices are so clearly black and white.  Fear can sometimes be a relief.
4. Coming Together.  When individuals make a conscious effort to come together (in a yoga class, in a book club, in a Personal Revolution) our commonalities are vibrantly displayed.  There is a thread that connects us all like one massive Mala. When we allow ourselves to be open to this connection, it grows stronger.
5. Looking in the mirror.  Not just to check my make-up or fix my hair, but to lock eyes with myself.  Try it sometime.  You may be pleasantly surprised by who looks back.


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