What Happens In Boston


I’m just beginning to come down from the yoga high that was Foundations in Action with Baron Baptiste in Boston.  For three days I  sweat, meditated, sweat, contemplated, laughed, cried, sweat and grew more in a weekend than I ever would have thought possible.  The events and lessons from this trip are still swirling around in my brain.  I’m processing so much information that I can’t seem to get it out right now.  However, if there was one ultimate lesson or ‘A-ha’ that I took from this training it would have to be the Heart to Heart connection.

Heart to Heart, to me, is recognizing that all human beings come from and contain a divine source energy.  While our appearances and circumstances often differ we are all divinely connected.  I experienced this in a very big way on day three of Foundations in Action.  At the end of an hours long asana practice, 300 sweaty bodies were all resting in savasana. Music began to play as we drifted off into bliss (or sleep).  Soon, Baron was instructing us to roll onto our right side and sit up.  We opened our eyes and sitting before us was Krishna Das.

Krishna Das performs live

I am familiar with one of Krisha Das’ songs, Baba Hanuman.  Even though I’m a KD novice, his music filled me with much emotion.  I take that back , his music awakened  emotion within me.  I looked around and saw that it was awakening emotion in most of the yogis in the ballroom at the Seaport Hotel.  Not a dry eye as far as I could see.  As much as I tried to fight the tears, they kept coming.  I wasn’t sad.  I wasn’t upset.  I was simply allowing myself to release.  I was giving up control and doing so in a safe environment. Among people who felt permission to do the same.

So what does this have to do with the Heart to Heart connection? A reaction like that which took place during KD’s performance does not happen superficially.  It happens when hearts are open and vulnerable.  When people realize they are ‘part’ of something. When one soul shares itself so purely that other souls allow their walls to come down and weep.

Often we don’t see ourselves as a whole until the world literally comes crashing down around us.  Right now, we’re seeing this in Japan and  in Lybia.  We saw it in Haiti last year and we saw it when the US was brought to it’s knees in 2001.  But what if it didn’t take tragedy to open our hearts to those around us?  What if it only took the loving words of one person to another – in a song, in a poem, in a story about their life – that allowed us to remove our walls and share our hearts?  What if we saw everyone around us as an extension of our own heart?  Recognizing that each heart beats as best as it can to keep the life it holds in an upright position.

This is just one of the miraculous events that occurred in the Seaport Hotel Ballroom last weekend.  When the words find their way to me to explain the rest I will do my best to share.  Until then I send you my love, whether I know you or not.

From my heart to yours…

300 Yogis Feeling The Love










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  1. Sounds amazing, Amber! Thanks so much for sharing … I was just playing KD in my classes this evening 🙂 Chanting is SO POWERFUL! I’ve had the amazing experience of ‘opening my heart’ with Krishna Das when I was in Cali and can say it was definitely transformational. If you ever need a kirtan fix, call me up and we can chant our hearts together! Love your blog and love you 🙂

  2. “No man is an Island”. But to trust is so hard in a society that’s rooted to individualism. I think you reached so deep inside, with so many others around you, walls fell down and Love flowed! It’s beautiful Amber. There would be no war if everyone went where you went.

  3. Amber, I love this!!! I love that you were surprised by KD!!! His tune is very close to my heart!! to many hearts!!! I am so happy for you right now! Your light is shining so brightly and all is see is good intention from you! I love you so much! Can’t wait until we can go experience more of the beauty of workshops/retreats together in this vast world!!! Love you! 🙂

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