Co – with: together: joint: jointly

Create – to bring into existence

I attended Advanced Teacher Assistant Training over the weekend with  internationally known, humbly accessible, rock star Yogi, Deborah Williamson.  It was hands-on all weekend, as we learned how to enhance  student’s asana practice through various means of assistance . In addition to all the techniques and practical application, perhaps the most important thing I took away from this training was to approach assisting a student as a means of co-creating, rather than correcting.

Co-create rather than correct.  Wow, what a profound concept!  Think about it.  How often in our daily lives do we offer our opinion, recommendation or demands in an effort to correct?  To make things the way we think they should be.  I’m guilty of this.  I’m sure you are too.  It seems to be our nature as humans, as a society.  We’re so quick to tell someone when they are ‘wrong’ and offer numerous reasons as to why we are ‘right’.  Deep down it’s all just personal preference. Unless you’re dealing with mathematics – nothing is ever really ‘right’ or ‘wrong’,  is it? Just different I suppose.  Personal. One person’s preference vs another person’s preference.

Of course, there are serious world issues like abuse, violence, hatred etc.. that I would dare say are very, very wrong.  But for purposes of this post, I think we can all recognize that these are not the issues I’m referring to.  What I’m getting at are the silly, petty, simple things with which we allow ourselves to be consumed.  From the idea that  ‘Warrior II should look like this‘ to ‘This political party should be in office‘ – it’s all just one person (or group of people) declaring why they are right and the other is wrong.

Starting today, in my personal life and in my teaching, I’m making a conscious effort to co-create.  I will do the work to be mindful of  how I interpret the way things are ‘supposed’ to be.  I will do the work to recognize that everyBODY  is different.  EveryBody is capable.  EveryBody IS.  It is highly likely that at times I will fail miserably at this work, but I will continue trying and I hope you might do the same.

Everyone has something to offer the world.  Let’s do it together.

Funky Buddhas with Deborah Williamson


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  1. i love this persepctive…i’ve always loved giving and receiving an assist…now i have a deeper understanding as to why…co-creating…beautiful. thanks for sharing your insights. peace…

  2. Getting assisted is the best part about class. I usually have a mini revolution like, “Wow, I get to feel that?! Now I’m really rocking this pose!” which, sounds less stupid in my head vs. reading it here in text…

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