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This blog post from Single Dad Laughing,  has been circulating on my facebook news feed all week.  I had to share it here in case you haven’t read it yet.   The ‘disease’ the author writes about is exactly the ‘disease’ I hope I can help to alleviate or ideally cure in the students’ lives I get to touch.  A lofty goal, I know, but the liberation I have been able to find through my practice needs to be shared.

The author’s words will no doubt make you cry. Think. Question.  However, by the end of this read  I hope you will feel as relieved as I did.  Thank You, Single Dad Laughing (Dan Pearce)!

The disease called “Perfection”

As a warning, the following post was written in complete desperation. I have recently learned some very sobering truths from people that I love dearly. These truths have set in motion a quest within me to do whatever I can to make a change. Today is not geared at funny. Today is geared at something greater. Read it to the very end. I promise you will be affected in a way you have always needed to be. I spent more than twelve hours writing this post because its message is that important to me.

I wonder. Am I the only one aware that there is an infectious mental disease laying siege on us right now? There is a serious pandemic of “Perfection” spreading, and it needs to stop. Hear me out because this is something for which I am passionately and constantly hurting. It’s a sickness that I’ve been trying to put into words for years without much success. It’s a sickness that I have personally struggled with. It’s a sickness that at times has left me hiding in dark corners and hating myself.

And chances are it’s hit you too.

Read the entire article:


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