My Own Worst Enemy


The studio owner where I teach just made a big announcement. She is buying a device that will allow us teachers to audio record our classes (i.e. make podcasts!). While this is certainly a funky, fresh idea – it freaks me the hell out! Making podcasts is one thing, but the ultimate purpose of these recordings is for the teachers to listen to ourselves! Her theory, “The better you get at listening to yourself, the better your teaching will become.” AGH!

I am no stranger to performing. I have been on stage, in film, in concert, you name it. But one thing I never, ever do is watch or listen to recorded versions of myself. This comes from a place of distrust in myself. A place of deep self-criticism. The mere thought of listening to my classes makes me want to throw up.

However, I realize this task presents me with two options:
Option 1 –  jump over this hurdle and keep running ahead
Option 2 – turn around, run away and face it in some other form another day.

The lessons we need to learn return again and again…..

Here goes nothing (or everything;)


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