The Perfect Day


Today was the perfect day to start this blog.  Why?  Because I woke up in a really shitty mood.  The alarm went off at 6am and I felt as if I had just fallen asleep.  As I lay in bed thinking ‘ at least I have 10 more minutes of snooze’, my son woke up crying (he’s 17mo old) which actually meant I no longer had any time in bed.  My heavy footsteps carried me into the kitchen-my husband was beginning the preparations for banana pancakes – where the blinding light revealed I had something going on with my left eye. I couldn’t open it completely and when I tried it felt like I was grinding rocks in my eyelid. Great.

I was sluggish.  I wanted to be sluggish.  My husband was chipper. Too chipper.  His chipperness made me more irritated. I had awoken in a bad mood and that was the way I was going to stay, dang it!

After my husband left for work and Henri went down for his morning nap, I found peace.  Peace in the form of strong Peppermint flavored coffee.  The warmth in my mug hit my lips the way a sunrise meets a shoreline, saying “here I am, let us embark on another day.”  As the heavily creamed coffee coated the back of my throat I settled into the realization that this was the first thing I had done for myself today.  An ‘a-ha’ moment in the making.

Typically, I awake, roll over, place my feet on the floor and begin to meditate.  Sometimes I focus simply on the breath moving through my body, other times I repeat a mantra for my day (‘see the beauty’, ‘let go of control’ etc..). Today, however, I skipped this practice.  I was too caught up in my perceived obligations (i.e. ‘get your ass out of bed. your son is crying.  breakfast needs to be made.  the dog needs to go out. blah, blah, blah’) and completely neglected the one person to whom I should be held most accountable – ME.  Having not taken a few minutes to center myself before I faced my day,  I spent a good portion of my morning off-kilter.  Certainly affecting those around me in a less than awesome way.

I share this with you in hopes that the next time you find yourself having ‘a day’, you’ll take a minute or two to yourself. Regroup. Come back to your center.  Whether that minute is  sitting quietly with your eyes closed, focusing on your breath, taking a shower, or drinking a warm cup of caffeinated bliss – take the time to honor the one person you’ll be stuck with your entire life.  In doing so you’ll soon see that even bad days can become pretty darn good days.




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